Testing compression textiles for every requirement.

Compression textiles are characterized by a defined pressure profile on parts of the body. This can gradually decrease, increase or remain constant along the length of the body part and is chosen based on the desired effect.

HOSY = HOhenstein SYstem.

Hohenstein developed the HOSY testing device in the early 80s. The device consisted of adjacent tensile testing devices that clamp and (non-destructively) stretch the textile or garment. The result: the pressure exerted by the textile over the entire sample length is graphed.

Improvements in pressure intensity and the pressure profile measurement capabilites have been added with technology updates. The latest HOSYcan (Hohenstein system + CAN bus technology) measures the recovery rate/compression after customizable periods of stretch and can evaluate the compression effect in motion when integrated with 3D/4D scanning

Sourcing Journal: Advancements in Compression Technology Shift Shapewear

Sports and leisure.

Demand is growing for non-medical compression sportswear and shapewear - garments that must fit well on many different shapes for many different user situations. Hohenstein measurement techniques ensure consistent quality and innovative functionality.  Use our proven experience and proprietary testing system to improve your product and put pressure on the competition.


Textiles used in healthcare must comply with extremely high requirements and come with independent proof of effectiveness. Classification for medical devices is even more rigorous. Hohenstein provides neutral proof for the treatment of disorders such as varicose veins, chronic vein insufficiency, ulcus cruris and thrombosis as well as bandages and hosiery.

The Hohenstein Quality Label.

3rd party claim support outstanding performance.

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