Colorful assessments.

Everyone perceives color differently, so the ability to objectively determine and compare colors is important. Our color and whiteness metric examinations produce objective colorimetric values, whiteness assessment and color and whiteness differences. We also measure characteristics such as the luminance of warning colors and determine the visibility of camouflage colors in the infrared range using reflection measurement.

Color and whiteness metric examinations.

We determine the colorimetric values and color distances in the CIELab color space. We also assess the white quality of white, fluorescent samples.

This test is especially suitable for:

  • Textiles of all types: uniforms, apparel lines, branding, etc.
  • Flat plastic, paper and lacquer surfaces
  • Compacted powders and yarn packages
  • Textiles in combination / interaction with fluid or viscous products

Calibration standards.

The Hohenstein whiteness scale is used to calibrate UV proportions in the colorimeter lighting so that white samples can be measured reproducibly with the degree of whiteness or fluorescence.

The Hohenstein illumination control sample keeps the UV content in the lighting of the colorimeter constant in order to create optimal and reproducible lighting conditions.

Color Complements.

Market Specific.

Different applications require tailored solutions

Ben Mead
Managing Director
Hohenstein Institute America