Start safely with technical performance descriptions.

The requirements for textiles vary greatly based on the application and intended user. For example, military equipment requires different characteristics than a service worker's uniform. Hohenstein's technical performance descriptions include a clear summary of parameters for selection and production - whether for internal, supply chain or public tender purposes.

Hohenstein supports the creation of “requirement specifications”. Using prototypes or series products and an extensive database, we document the “status quo” in detail, then create charts, drawings and photos to facilitate understanding across languages.



All materials used are precisely defined, including the textile fibers, design features, mass per unit area, etc.


This includes the detailed description of fastening elements, labels or inserts in their shape, size sometimes material.

Process Descriptions

This demanding, detailed description of the manufacturing steps explains the sequence in which processing steps are executed, using technical drawings and photos to create worldwide understanding.

Finished Measurements

Product optimized finished measurement tables, based on fit testing or Hohenstein's 3D database, ensure a good fit across all clothing sizes. The tables include significant measuring sections and technical drawings with unambiguous representations of sections.

Suitability for Use

Depending on the intended purpose, additional requirements include testing for harmful substances,  care properties and durability, wear comfort, UV protection,antimicrobial or antistatic treatment, IR absorption dirt repellency, or suitability for leasing.


  • Assurance of a high quality
  • Prevention of complaints from varying quality standards
  • Consistent quality across diverse suppliers
Ben Mead
Managing Director
Hohenstein Institute America