Toy Safety Certification

The Hohenstein Institute is an internationally renowned and independent testing institute. As an accredited and notified body with modern laboratories, we can offer you a wide range of testing services and certifications for your products from the harmonised product range.

The Toy Safety Directive (2009/48/EC) defines clear specifications for the manufacture and placement of products in the European Economic Area.

According to EU Directive 2009/48/EC, toys are products which are intended or designed to be played with by children under 14 years.

The Toy Safety Directive (2009/48/EC) defines requirements for general principles and also specific safety requirements for:

  • physical and mechanical characteristics
  • flammability
  • chemical characteristics
  • electrical characteristics
  • hygiene
  • radioactivity

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Decorative objects such as Christmas tree decorations, puzzles with more than 500 pieces, fireworks including percussion caps (which are not specifically intended for toys) and dummies for infants are explicitly excluded. Other statutory requirements are applicable for products of these types.

Each toy or its packaging must be labelled with the CE certification label ("Communauté Européenne" = European Community). With this, the manufacturer or importer to the EU confirms that the toy has been manufactured in accordance with the harmonised European standards and that it meets the requirements of the valid directives.

An EC type examination certificate can be granted if the toy is subject to EU Directive 2009/48/EC and meets all requirements of the directive and the valid legal regulations.

Our technical experts are happy to support you in product testing and certification. From testing in accordance with statutory requirements and market approval to voluntary testing and compliance with company-internal product requirements.

An EC type examination certificate is a benefit for you:

  • you increase the safety and quality of your products and make a strong argument for your market presence
  • they reduce your liability risk and the probability of complaints due to documented tests and standards
  • you receive a certificate from an accredited and notified testing and certification body which confirms the safety of your product and which has a high level of international acceptance

The certification body is happy to provide further information on the certification process, the complaint process and the issued certificates if requested.

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