Fit and workmanship

The workmanship of textile products and the fit of clothing is a central quality feature.

With the help of our specialised clothing technicians, you can have the workmanship quality and fit of your range tested on a neutral and independent basis and aligned with defined minimum standards for a wide range of fields of application.

Ideally, the checks are carried out by means of preproduction sampling, but samples can, of course, be submitted or taken both during and after the manufacturing process - throughout the world.

Building on this test service, we are also happy to provide you with expert support on site at your own or your preliminary suppliers' production site. In this way we can help you to improve the quality of your products with respect to potential complaints but also in terms of potential for rationalisation and savings.

The consulting services provided by the Hohenstein Institute therefore make double sense economically, and not just in this context.

And, of course, you also have the possibility of effectively promoting the products tested using the Hohenstein Quality Label .