Since 1953, the Hohenstein Institute has been commissioned by the German Certification Association for Professional Textile Servicesto carry out the quality assurance for their around 360 members. Members are authorised to use the RAL Quality Certification Mark 992 for Professional Textile Services (RAL-GZ 992).

Our independent laundry experts regularly visit all the companies involved unannounced and check the technical and hygiene processes. These audits are complemented by ongoing internal checks using wash cycle test strips. This test material, which is subjected to a defined number of reprocessing treatment cycles in the company in question, then also undergoes an independent, neutral assessment by the Hohenstein Institute in view of different quality criteria such as the degree of whiteness and is compared with the specifications of the Certification Association.

Hohenstein experts also advise commercial laundries and manufacturers of detergents and industrial laundry machines in the development and implementation of new products and processes.

With the help of publicly-funded research projects we have therefore been redefining industry standards for the laundry sector for decades. The focus is always on achieving optimal hygiene and quality while at the same time economising on resources and preserving the textiles. Particularly innovative techniques are awarded the Hohenstein Quality Label .