Thanks to the interdisciplinary cooperation between medics, biologists, chemists and textile experts, we are able to offer you a broad range of textiles which make it possible to neutrally and objectively verify the effectiveness and safety of functionalised (textile) products. This applies in particular with respect to the Ordinance on articles for Domestic Use (BedGgstV) or the Medical devices law (MPG).

In communication, the judgment of a neutral, independent institution such as the Hohenstein Institute carries great weight. You can make the most of this advantage when marketing your products, for example using the Hohenstein Quality Label .

A key focus here are tests on the effectiveness of finishes based on nanoparticles (soil repellency), chemical (repellent) and physical protection against insects or house dust mites and the antimicrobial effect of products in terms of preventing infections (surgical textiles) or reducing the smell of perspiration (sportswear of business wear).

On request, we can test products as new, but also taking into consideration their natural ageing, e.g. following care treatments in domestic washing machines or professional textile care.