The Hohenstein Institute is heavily involved in a diverse range of aspects relating to applied hygiene.

Some of the very first customers in the field of textile hygiene included the around 360 commercial laundries which make up the German Certification Association for Professional Textile Services (RAL-GZ 992), together with numerous institutions from the health care sector, trade and industry, hotels and catering firms.

Based on your specific needs, we will be happy to develop test scenarios on your behalf, tailored to your individual requirements, monitor the general operational hygiene and hygiene management, or check hygiene conditions in air-conditioning systems (air-con systems). For kitchens and areas where food is processed we also offer hygiene checks within the framework of the HACCP concept (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points).

In the area of hygiene management relating to surfaces and textiles, we offer a range of internationally recognised test methods – e.g. EN 13795 for surgical textiles. An additional service is proof of the antimicrobial efficiency of textiles and other products for which we use appropriate tests.

We also offer sophisticated test systems in specialised areas such as odour analysis or the evaluation of the barrier effect against mites, the efficiency of insect protection systems and all aspects of eco-toxicology and human ecology.