Protective functions

In addition to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) prescribed for many occupational groups, protective clothing exists for a wide variety of applications.

Based on norms or internal quality standards, we can test the suitability of your products for example in terms of protection against

  • Heat (DIN EN ISO 11612)
  • Cold (DIN EN 14058)
  • UV radiation (inc. UV Standard 801 )
  • Flames (DIN EN 469)

We also assess the warning effect (DIN EN ISO 20471 and 1150) when new and following artificial ageing, e.g. as a result of weathering (inc. DIN EN ISO 105-B04) or defined care cycles.

If not already included in the test programme, you can of course also have any other quality features tested and assessed in our chemical and physical laboratories.

We can also test the suitability of protective clothing for use in the textile leasing sector for you and define its optimal life span using our prediction model.