Method / Guidelines

The Hohenstein tests have been developed based on the following standards:

  • DIN EN ISO 11721-1: Textiles - Determination of resistance of cellulose-containing textiles to microorganisms
  • DIN EN ISO 846: Plastics - Evaluation of the action of microorganisms on plastics
  • DIN EN 13432: Packaging - Requirements for packaging recoverable through composting and biodegradation

With the applicable standards in mind, the Hohenstein Institute offers individual tests which are based on the requirements of each client.

We test:

  • The loss of mass by the textile: We examine the process by which a product is rotted by microorganisms such as fungi and bacteria in the presence of oxygen.
  • The eco-toxicological safety of the textile: The effect on the environment is tested using the earthworm, cress and Daphnia magna tests.