Report rule violations via the Hohenstein Compliance Line.

Only if rules and standards are observed can we prevent damage to our employees, company and business partners. We want to be informed of any misconduct at an early stage so that we can clarify and remedy it. This also includes references to falsified test reports and certificates. We are also grateful for information on violations of human rights or environmental due diligence obligations (Rules of Procedure pursuant to Section 8 (2) LkSG).

That is why we have the Hohenstein Compliance Line. This whistleblower system allows employees and external whistleblowers to anonymously report possible violations. Each report is examined in detail, suspicious cases are investigated and possible violations are consistently followed up.

Our Hohenstein Compliance Line ensures the highest level of confidentiality. In addition, we attach great importance to fairness - in dealing with the whistleblowers and with employees affected by an allegation. The principle of proportionality is always observed and each case it is examined which consequences are suitable, necessary and appropriate.

Would you like to report a violation of our compliance rules?

We support your due diligence too.

A mechanism like this is part of any responsible operation. OEKO-TEX® RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS is a tool and certification to ensure protection of people and planet throughout your supply chain.
Ben Mead
Managing Director
Hohenstein Americas