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Spectral Measurement Services

Measurements from - and with - light are used in many applications, such as home textiles, welding, food/medical packaging, apparel and footwear, high visibility or camouflage, geotextiles or construction materials.

Home Textiles

Home Comforts

For curtains and blinds, the focus is on privacy and darkening effect. However, a room's climate and ambiance is affected by the interaction between these factors and UV and thermal radiation.

Hohenstein tests to required standards including tenders, statutory requirements, building regulations, etc:

  • DIN EN 410:
    Glass in building - determination of luminous and solar characteristics of glazing
  • DIN EN ISO 52022-1:
    Energy performance of buildings - thermal, solar and daylight properties of building components and elements
  • DIN EN ISO 13468-2:
    Plastic - determination of the total luminous transmittance of transparent materials; double-beam instrument

To assess textile performance in different areas, we define parameters such as radiation reflection, transmission and absorption. Window glazing can be considered to some extent.


Welding Safety

Welding generates energy-rich radiation. Particular attention must be paid to UV radiation (UV-A, UV-B and UV-C), which affects the body within a short distance and is responsible for skin reddening, sunburn and skin cancer.

Natural UV-C radiation occurs in insignificant amounts because it is absorbed in the atmosphere. However, if artificially generated, it must be taken seriously. Protection from harmful UV-C radiation is primarily achieved by selecting the correct material.

Hohenstein tests UV transmission in different states of use for product development and PPE certification according to - and beyond - DIN EN ISO 11611.

  • To pinpoint effectiveness and maximum usage period for various welding procedures
  • To determine the protective behavior in practice

Camouflage Performance

Avoiding detection is important for military applications as well as leisure activities like hunting. Choosing a classic camouflage pattern or a typical color may not be enough, especially with the use of thermal imaging cameras.

To ensure safety in all situations, Hohenstein tests reflection properties under infrared radiation.

Technical Textiles

Technical Textiles & Geotextiles

Many materials and products are sensitive to UV, light and/or radiation exposure. Spectral measurements can be used in development, claim verification, complaint cases and certification.

  • Foods and medicines that require protection of color, taste, durability or structure
  • Clothing, construction materials and devices encased to ensure longevity and performance
  • Protective materials that require certain transmission, reflection and absorption values
  • Nonwovens, textiles and grid structures used in geotextiles infused with UV absorbers for stability and decay prevention

Market Specific

Different applications require tailored solutions.
Ben Mead
Managing Director
Hohenstein Americas