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Compression Testing

We test and evaluate medical compression textiles.

With decades of experience as a pioneer in testing compression - for medical and performance applications - Hohenstein testing provides professional and neutral proof of effectiveness for medical compression products and certification. Our accredited testing can serve as recognition and reimbursement from health insurance companies, proof of compliance with the EU Medical Device regulation or as customized product development.

With our specially developed HOSYcan testing device, we measure and evaluate the pressure and pressure profile of compression textile products, compare materials and designs and analyze recovery rate. Products are tested specifically and reliably to the standards and evaluated according to the declared compression classes.

  • Compression effect of hosiery according to RAL-GZ 387/1
  • Compression effect of arm sleeves according to RAL-GZ 387/2
  • Compression effect of hosiery systems for the treatment of ulcus cruris according to RAL-GZ 387/3

What We Test

Medical Compression

All types of medical compression

  • Medical compression stockings and stocking systems (RAL-GZ 387/1) for arms, legs (RAL-GZ 387/2), body/trunk
  • Medical compression bandages for ankles, knees, elbows and wrists
  • Clothing for scar compression
  • Devices for treatment of venous and lymphatic illnesses (varicose veins, chronic vein insufficiency, ulcus cruris - RAL-GZ 387/3)
  • Anti-thrombosis socks and travel socks
  • Shapewear, sportswear and socks
Pressure Profile

Pressure profile depends on application

We check the pressure profile (gradually decreasing, increasing or constant) of a textile for specific body parts depending on the desired effect.

A decisive factor is that the pressure values (defined by standards and manufacturer goals), change over the course of product's life (stretch and recovery or wear out effect).

The entire length of an object up to 100 cm long and 12 - 150 cm, in almost any shape, can be tested.

How We Test

HOSYcan = HOhenstein SYstem + CAN bus technology

Compression testing with the HOSYcan device is non-destructive and is always applied over the entire length of the test item.

It can also measure the recovery rate and compression after customizable periods of stretch and can evaluate the compression effect in motion when integrated with 3D/4D scanning.

Flexible testing for precise measurements.

Non-destructive testing device to measure compression levels and recovery of materials and garment systems for performance and certification.

Certify and label.

RAL Certification

As an authorized testing laboratory for the German Certification Association for Medical Compression Hosiery, we test and certify according to RAL-GZ 387/1, 387/2 and 387/3.

Quality Certification

Hohenstein Quality Labels extend our credibility to retailers, brands and suppliers for easy recognition of high quality products and verification of product claims.

Improve and prove performance.

Test the compression effect of sportswear, shapewear and materials.


Ben Mead
Managing Director
Hohenstein Americas