Transparency is valuable and free.

Transparent supply chains and credible communication: market demands that are not easy to fulfill without the right tools. Whether assessing your own supply chain or using the MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX® label, you need a systematic tool to manage supplier relationships, view progress toward sustainability goals and track certificates that affect your own.

MyOEKO-TEX® is a free tool that lets you centrally manage your supply relationships and communicate within your supply chain about the environmental and social conditions in their production facilities and the chemical safety of their products.

Label and certificate owners can also use MyOEKO-TEX® to download files and update OEKO-TEX® Buying Guide profiles.


Database to display & track supplier relationships and manage certificates, labels and profiles.
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Manage your sustainable supply chain.

MyOEKO-TEX® makes it easier for you to manage and evaluate your supply chain. The online database provides registered partners with options that include:
  • Supply chain mapping for brands, retailers and manufacturers
  • Managing existing OEKO-TEX® certificates
  • Targeted evaluations based on data from the STeP by OEKO-TEX® system
  • Statistical analyses and key performance indicators (KPIs)

MyOEKO-TEX® is a portal for creating transparency and clarity in your supply chain, applying for or renewing certificates, downloading product labels and completing OEKO-TEX® Buying Guide profiles.

MyOEKO-TEX® contains a database for brands, retailers, manufacturers and suppliers that wish to efficiently manage and map their supply chain on sustainability issues, regardless of whether they have OEKO-TEX® certification.

Every MyOEKO-TEX® database user has a custom display relating to their supply chain. Each supplier chooses the scope of the data that is available to purchasers and whether these purchasers are able to forward selected data to their customers. 

Users can release the following data for display:

  • The type of facility (e.g. a spinning mill, weaving mill, finisher or manufacturer of ready-made clothing)
  • Country or detailed address
  • Current STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certification and expiration date
  • The product description on the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certificate
  • Sustainability achievements based on the STeP by OEKO-TEX® scoring system
  • Details of STeP by OEKO-TEX® test reports

Database users decide which data is released. OEKO-TEX® deploys the latest standards of technology to protect data. You can find more information about data protection and the release of data in the conditions of use when you apply.

MyOEKO-TEX® users can

  • Set specific targets for their supply chain (for instance, for water consumption, wastewater limit values or CO2 emissions) and then compare performance with these targets
  • View average and benchmark statistics for specific suppliers and supply chain as a whole
  • View label tracking statistics

MyOEKO-TEX® is available to any company wishing to manage their supply chain and make it more transparent, regardless of whether they have OEKO-TEX® certification.

MyOEKO-TEX® Benefits:

  • Compare and benchmark suppliers/producers and their performance
  • Verify, evaluate and select suppliers based on specific sustainability targets
  • Improve risk assessments and promote sustainable sourcing through transparent supply chain management
  • Get online information about the current status of certifications and notification if any extensions are required
  • MyOEKO-TEX® graphically maps your value chain
  • Online MyOEKO-TEX® database is free

MyOEKO-TEX® access is free.


Sustainable products must also function.

Ben Mead
Managing Director
Hohenstein Institute America