Uncontaminated wastewater has become hard currency.

Global campaigns have drawn the public’s attention to the use of 11 harmful chemical groups in textile industry production.

Independent proof.

Hohenstein’s global laboratories thoroughly test wastewater and sludge to reduce your environmental impact. We are accredited to provide independent proof of compliance with industry requirements and standards, such as ZDHC, OEKO-TEX® and Greenpeace Detox.

Standardized and customized testing – consistent global quality.

We can test wastewater to international standards (e.g. conventional parameters like AOX, COD and BOD, nitrogen levels or heavy metals) or for specific textile-related substances (e.g. chlorophenols, phthalates, flame retardants, APEO’s or PAH’s).

Our local experts visit production facilities to take the samples. Regardless of which Hohenstein lab you choose, we guarantee that the sampling process and lab tests meet strict global quality standards.


  • Independent proof that there are no issues with the wastewater of your production facilities
  • Test wastewater to the standards applicable to you
  • Test wastewater for conventional and textile-specific parameters


So is Hohenstein. We work with any application where textiles interact with humans and the environment.

Ben Mead
Managing Director
Hohenstein Institute America