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Compression Testing

We test, prove and evaluate compression effect.

Sportswear Compression

Put pressure on the competition.

The booming market for compression textiles in sports and leisure applications offers a wide range of innovative products - stockings, socks, cuffs, shaping garments, shirts and leggings - that exert a defined pressure profile on specific parts of the body (e.g. torso, arms and legs).

These garments must work as advertised, fit well on many different shapes and be useful in various user situations.


Shapewear Testing

Shapewear effectiveness depends on garment properties (e.g. material, fit, pattern), body region and body shapeability (e.g. body tissue firmness, figure type, size).


Testing compression textiles for every requirement.

Using DIN SPEC 4868, we measure specific parameters such as local pressure, pressure profile, compression category, stiffness and material fatigue (stretch and recovery or wear out effect).


Numerous Benefits:

  • Simplified product development
  • Independent assessment for materials sourcing
  • Objective comparability of competitive products
  • Optimal quality assurance
  • Classification of pressure values into defined categories
  • Transparent verification of claims on product features
  • Trustworthy product labeling

Compression Testing Standard: DIN SPEC 4868:2020-11

Sports Textiles - Measurement of Compression and Material Properties (Pressure Properties)

DIN SPEC 4868, initiated by Hohenstein, is the first standard for compressive sportswear (and can be applied to other, non-medical compression textiles, such as shapewear). Suppliers of compression textiles for sport and leisure now have a standard against which to improve and market products. The standard was crafted to allow product developers and manufacturers complete freedom in the design and functionality specific to any application.


Perfect Compression Performance with HOSYcan

Flexible testing for precise measurements

Testing on the HOSYcan (HOhenstein SYstem + CAN bus technology) device is non-destructive and applied over the entire length of the product. Arm and leg sleeves, shirts and pants (up to 100 cm in length and 12 to 150 cm in circumference) can be tested in almost any shape.

We also measure the recovery rate and compression after customizable periods of stretch and integrate 3D/4D scanning to evaluate the compression effect during complex motion sequences.

HOSYCan measuring compression of sports shirt (video 3x speed for illustration)

The Hohenstein Quality Label

3rd party claim support for outstanding performance to the highest standards for quality and function


Meet the compression experts.

Florian Girmond

Christine Döge

Medical Compression

Textiles used in medical compression devices, bandages and hosiery must comply with extremely high requirements and come with independent proof of effectiveness.
Compression expert marking ankle compression sleeve on leg bust


Ben Mead
Managing Director
Hohenstein Americas