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Climate Pledge Friendly

A program to help consumers discover and shop for more-sustainable products.

Climate Pledge Friendly highlights products that meet sustainability standards and help preserve the natural world. To qualify products, Amazon partnered with trusted third-party certifications, including OEKO-TEX® MADE IN GREEN and STANDARD 100.

Climate Pledge Friendly can improve sales.

As of April 2023:

  • 800 Million products sold, a 121% increase from 2021
  • 550,000 certified products available, a 72% increase from 2021
  • 22 customer experience enhancements highlighting more-sustainable products
  • 10% more traffic to Climate Pledge Friendly products through search, detail pages and recommendation widgets
  • Top Amazon partners have seen a 15% sales lift

How to qualify products for Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly:

  1. Complete the Climate Pledge Friendly template (.csv-file)
    - or download your data from OEKO-TEX® CertLink (Texbase)
  2. Submit the ASINs to Amazon's Vendor Central or Amazon's Seller Central
  3. Once certified ASINs are validated, Amazon will recognize in the Climate Pledge Friendly program (~10 business days)
Manual Method

Instructions and Template

OEKO-TEX® CertLink

OEKO-TEX® CertLink Platform

Powered by Texbase, this system links OEKO-TEX® certificates to specific product codes.

For Amazon Suppliers:
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