We believe in the fascinating possibilities of textile innovation.

- for both people and the environment -

There's nothing we are in closer contact with than textiles. It's important that they perform and fit well, look good and cause no harm.

Consider real life.

Hohenstein researches the human-textile-environment interaction in real-life use situations. Through standard and customized testing and practical certification, we help our partners verify and innovate.

Consumers and buyers trust our labels, such as OEKO-TEX®, the Hohenstein Quality label and UV STANDARD 801. And, we're dedicated to transferring the knowledge we have built up over decades.

Use our expertise.

  • Quick market launch of innovative products based on efficient use of testing
  • Increased product safety and quality
  • Extensive expertise for assessing products and processes for product development and optimization
  • Quick access to information through our active involvement in latest market trends and standard setting
  • Reduced liability risk and complaints
Quality and product development
Quality and product development

Our testing for verification or innovation is based on >70 years of experience. 

Innovate with us
3rd-party, independent verification
3rd-party, independent verification

We stand behind your product and service quality as a trusted and neutral expert.

Use our reputation
Certifications and labels for a sustainable future
Certifications and labels for a sustainable future

Hohenstein is a founding member of OEKO-TEX®, a system of practical solutions for product stewardship and sustainability management.

Be more sustainable
Research and training to advance the industry
Research and training to advance the industry

We expand our knowledge - and yours - through practical research and teaching.

Use our research


So is Hohenstein.
We work with any application where textiles interact with humans and the environment.

Ben Mead
Managing Director
Hohenstein Institute America