• Download and complete the ECO PASSPORT appliation (Choose from the languages below)
  • Complete a separate product dossier and substance list for each formulation/product

Submit completed and signed forms (from steps 1 and 2) to or your local representative.

Product Samples

Provide at least 50 ml or 50 grams of each sample.

Protect the samples (packaging)

to ensure accurate and reproducible test results.

  • Test samples must be packed in unbreakable, airtight containers to avoid contamination during transport and between different samples
    • If the sample allows, it can be packaged in a tear-resistant, polyethylene bag and sealed twice with adhesive tape
    • Do NOT pack the test samples in cardboard boxes or paper
    • Do NOT use adhesive tape directly on the sample 
    • Do NOT use packaging that contains any perfluorinated and/or polyfluorinated components
  • Each container/package must be packed in a second wrapping and taped shut
  • Samples must be properly labeled
    • For protection of human and environmental health according to the GHS requirements 
    • For identification with sample numbers, material, supplier, receipts, etc.
    • Whether shipping from separate locations or in one box, please ensure all samples are clearly and correctly labeled so that they can be matched with your application

The testing lab is not responsible for any inaccuracies caused by contamination from improper packaging. We reserve the right to reject and request new samples.

Ship to Germany

Clearly marked samples for testing should be sent directly to our lab in Boenningheim, Germany.

     Hohenstein Textile Testing Institute GmbH & Co. KG
     Schlosssteige 1
     74357 Boennigheim
     Phone: +49 7143 271-0

Please include the full and correct company name to minimize customs delays.

Self-Assessment helps OEKO-TEX® evaluate what product and environmental stewardship measures are present at the factory. You will answer questions about your practices and send documentation.

Please contact your representative for more information.

On-Site Visit verifies information provided in the ECO PASSPORT application and Self-Assessment.

Please contact your representative for more information.

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