Neutral Proof of Conformity

We work with retailers, brands, textile producers, importers and processors to test raw, intermediate and end products of all processing stages of the textile chain, including leather products and accessories. From the tensile strength of performance upholstery to the color fastness of textiles and the safety of products, independent quality assessments play an important role in compliance with international standards, legal regulations, customer requirements and consumer and environmental protection.

Technology Testing

Textile Labeling and Fiber Composition

The EU Textile Labelling Act governs the exact determination of qualitative and quantitative composition of yarns and textile fabrics.

Our fiber analysis and determination is done microscopically, mechanically and technically. It also includes the investigation of fiber damage, microfiber determination, qualitative gene analysis and complaint processing. 

Restricted Substance Testing (RSL)

Test products for banned or restricted chemicals of concern.

Meet Dr. Alexander Alpmann.

Global Quality Testing Labs

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