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Fit testing saves time and money.

Improve the whole product development process with:

Improve fit before production.

Effectively tailor the fit of your entire line based on real data for your target group. Add the Hohenstein Quality Label for customer communication. Then, boost customer loyalty with consistent, well-fitting collections and allow consumers to shop with confidence.

  • Support for size conformity, wide size range coverage and brand consistency
  • Optimized finished measurement tables that enable more precise calculation for choosing suppliers and decreasing costs
  • Fit testing by experienced, neutral garment engineers
  • Human or digital test subjects in your target demographic, even in plus sizes
  • Quality development and assurance over the entire production chain
  • Reduced returns, faster prototyping, lower carbon footprint, increased customer loyalty and satisfaction

Garment Fit Testing

Fit Testing

Human Test Subjects and Hohenstein Tele-fitting

Access our pool of > 1,200 women, men and children to test fit your samples. Whether your clothes are for children, teenagers, adults, seniors or plus sizes, we find trained test subjects in your size range. Then, we add the expertise of our clothing engineers for the perfect fit.

Your designers, purchasers and pattern technicians can participate live using “Hohenstein Tele-fitting” with our web-based customer portal. Our experts give customized advice and thoughtful suggestions.

Based on fittings and collected data, we create a report and optimize the finished measurement tables to cover your target group. Use this data for quicker development and assured quality.

Custom Testing

Unique Hohenstein Fit Testing Services

3D Analytical Fit Test

Evaluation of Garment Simulations within an Analytical Fit Test


Clear Communication

3rd party claim support

Let customers know they can rely on consistent fit - across your collection.


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