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At Your Service - Fit Testing

Accurate data > Better quality > Reliable fit > Satisfied customers
  • Fit testing (women's, men's and children's) on human or digital fit models matching your target group
  • Support for plus sizes and large size ranges
  • Quality and workmanship checks, sample comparisons to size chart
  • Measurement table optimization for accuracy, reduced waste/cost and quality development
Fit Models

Human Test Subjects + Tele-fitting

>1,400 men, women and children
  • Pool of trained test subjects includes babies, kids, teenagers, adults, seniors and plus sizes
  • Customized advice and thoughtful suggestions from garment experts
  • Optional fit in motion studies via 4D scanner
  • Design, buying and technical teams can participate live, via our web-based Tele-fitting portal


3D Analytical Fit Test

Evaluation of Garment Simulations within an Analytical Fit Test

Measurement Tables

Measurement tables affect development and production.

Optimized measurement tables enable more precise calculation for choosing suppliers and decreasing costs.
Custom Testing

Unique Hohenstein Fit Testing Services


Clear Communication

3rd party claim support

Let customers know they can rely on consistent fit - across your collection.



Meet Stefanie Brenner.


Specific Testing for Specialized Products

Sports Bras

Sports Bra Testing

Only well-fitting bras can provide support and minimize bounce.

Sports bras offer different levels of support depending on their design and use. Verifying these claims usually requires time-consuming wear trials. Enter MODY.

We measure support levels (low, medium or high) with our standardized method and MODY testing device.

Measuring Bra Support
"MODY" = DYnamic MOvement

MODY measures the support level and movement reduction:

  • Of one bra, in one size
  • Several bras in a size range
  • Compared to other bras the market (benchmarking)
Bra Testing Procedure

We analyze support while the breast is moved in user-specific directions (up/down, right/left, forward/backward). 

Using our 3D-printed torso with moldable breast, we test different cups and sizes.

Bra Types

Yes. The MODY testing device can be used for all types of bras.

Although the MODY device was developed with sports bras in mind, we can use it to measure the movement reduction in any bra type or other support garment.

Testing provides objective and reproducible results, without human influence.

  • Specific data for product development
  • Targeted support for quality assurance
  • Independent validation of marketing claims

Hohenstein has decades of experience in fit and pattern development. We measure body data, optimize patterns and verify fit. We invest in technology, lead 3D design research and have a large pool of human testers.

Our MODY data is combined fit testing and pattern optimization to develop the desired support level - for the specific users and activities.


Shapewear Fit Testing

Our neutral assessment validates shaping claims by combining compression testing and fit/pattern development.

Shaping effects can be measured by comparing body measurements with merged scans, silhouette smoothing with cross section analysis and 3D body geometry with 3D analysis/quantification.


Workwear Fit

Acceptance and use of workwear, especially protective garments (PPE), depends on fit. In addition, workwear must allow the wearer to move without restriction. Fit in motion studies consider the user's relevant movements.

Technical performance descriptions ensure proper manufacturing, quality and use.

Fitting Complements

Apparel Innovation

Product development requires solutions tailored to the application.
Ben Mead
Managing Director
Hohenstein Americas