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Hohenstein's IntWash Research Project focuses on intelligent laundries

Hohenstein Hygienically Clean

Hohenstein Hygienically Clean certification verifies technical and hygienic processes - on site and in trucks - for industrial laundries serving food, healthcare and hospitality companies.

Comparative Product Tests

  • Stain removal of natural stains
  • Dirt removal from test fabrics
  • Cleaning effect/dirt dispersing capability
  • Loss of firmness/chemical damage
  • Inorganic/organic fabric encrustation
  • Retention of color tone/surface protection
  • Prevention of color transfer in Linitest device or washing machine
  • Legibility and clarity of packing information
  • Material comparison for durability or functional attributes

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Use of leased workwear and rented consumer apparel has increased, and so have the demands on these textiles to have a long service life and retain protective or performance functions. Special attention should be paid to mechanical characteristics, color fastness, fit, comfort and washability. We consider all relevant aspects of suitability for leasing so you can document the quality of your textiles for your customers. 

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Hohenstein offers basic and advanced training courses on:

  • Laundry technology
  • Textiles for care homes
  • Hygiene protection
  • Process optimization
  • Company management


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