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Hohenstein’s 1.3 million Euro investment AI technology startup, Sizekick will enable accurate decisions on apparel size, improving online shopping experiences, reducing returns and preventing the associated CO2 emissions.
Hohenstein celebrated the opening of a second testing laboratory in Gurugram, India. The new addition to Hohenstein’s expanding lab network will focus on physical, colorfastness and restricted substance testing of leather, footwear and personal protective equipment (PPE).
The OEKO-TEX® RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS tool and certification will support brands, retailers and traders in the textile and leather sector with due diligence compliance. Due diligence requires companies to take legal responsibility for all human rights and environmental violations in their global supply…
OEKO-TEX® launches new branding
In its 30th year of dedication to safer textiles and leather, OEKO-TEX® has created a new brand identity for higher recognition and more flexible labeling options.
OEKO-TEX® Celebrates 30 Years
With 30 years of experience, OEKO-TEX® offers standardized solutions that enable companies to optimize their manufacturing processes and help bring high-quality, sustainable products to market.
Hohenstein tests & certifies FFP respiratory masks
Occupational Clothing / PPE
Hohenstein has extended its accreditations as a testing laboratory and certification body for FFP masks according to DIN EN 149.
Hohenstein Joins Texbase Connect
Cloud-based data management platform, Texbase, announces collaboration with the global textile testing partner, Hohenstein. As a Texbase Lab Connect partner, Hohenstein customers can collaborate, send test requests and receive test reports within Texbase Connect.
Hohenstein has established a quality label for tested pet supplies to ensure product safety, quality and durability of pet blankets, beds, toys and other products.
Health monitoring SmartTex shirt
Hohenstein is on the DLR's WICO2 team creating sensor-integrated garments to record & transmit physiological data from astronauts to Earth. The technology will be applicable to sports and medical applications.
New method quantifies GMOs for organic cotton
Hohenstein developed a new quantification method specifically for genetically modified cotton. One of the first labs with this ability, Hohenstein uses DNA analysis to identify known genetic modifications and calculate their percentage in organic cotton.
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