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Using Sizekick's AI-based technology, Elis can now offer personalized size recommendations for based on individual body measurements.
A new Hohenstein test method scientifically measures the support level of sports bras, creating reproducible, independent results.
Hohenstein and the Innovation Park for Artificial Intelligence (IPAI) intend to map the entire AI value chain.
The report details sustainability efforts at Hohenstein's Boennigheim headquarters and targets for 2024.
OEKO-TEX® publishes 2024 regulations
Based on new scientific findings and legal developments, the OEKO-TEX® Association has published the annual updates to its test criteria, limit values and guidelines. With one exception, the new regulations will come into force on April 1, 2024, after the regular transition period.
Under Armour, Hohenstein launch new fiber-shed test kit to help textile companies develop lower shed materials.
Sizekick launched new AI technology to reduce size-related returns in e-commerce. Combining Hohenstein’s apparel expertise and Sizekick’s AI-based technology, retailers can lower CO2 emissions with a more fitting and sustainable shopping experience. The first customers to sign on including Black…
Hohenstein celebrates World Accreditation Day along with 30 years of accreditation and expanded globally accredited labs.
Hohenstein added testing and EU certification in two areas of protective clothing: protective suits and gloves against chemicals and against infectious agents.
Hohenstein has conducted the first measurement series on babies and toddlers. The database will aid the pattern development and fit assessment that is especially challenging for children's clothing.
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Marketing Manager
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