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BOENNIGHEIM, Germany (May 14, 2024) – An innovative web application now enables independent, flexible and digital fitting for workwear. Elis, a textile service provider, is using Sizekick's AI-based technology to offer personalized size recommendations based on individual body measurements. Sizekick’s AI software was developed with Hohenstein’s Digital Fitting Team.

Elis' partnership with Sizekick and the use of its AI-based technology brings pioneering innovation to the workwear industry. Sizekick's artificial intelligence not only considers a user’s exact body measurements but also the item’s fit. For product and fit analysis, Sizekick relies on the expertise of Hohenstein, which has been supporting the apparel industry for more than 75 years.

The web application uses a two-stage process to determine the right size for garments: First, the customer chooses from realistic body shapes suggested by BodyFinder. Sizing is then completed with BodyScanner, a video-based body scan using a smartphone camera. The data is transmitted and calculated anonymously, so Elis only views the correct clothing size. The user-friendly process only takes a few minutes.

"We rely on new technology to provide our customers with a high level of flexibility and efficiency, making the fitting process as simple as possible," explains Elis Managing Director Sascha Wiemer. "Through the collaboration with Sizekick and the support from Hohenstein, our customers' employees can determine the right size for their workwear within minutes—anytime, anywhere. This leaves more time for core business."

David Oldeen, co-founder and CEO of Sizekick, adds: "We are very excited to finally offer Elis' customers a digital way to try on new workwear, saving them valuable time. Our joint launch represents a truly innovative milestone for the entire workwear industry by optimally combining technology and user experience."

"We are very excited to support this innovative solution for the workwear industry with fit expertise built in from the start," says Simone Morlock, Head of Digital Fitting Lab at Hohenstein. "Each Elis garment in the Sizekick app has undergone a fit analysis by Hohenstein's fitting team. We helped develop the size fundamentals for the fitting processes and, most importantly, for finding the perfect size. Size recommendations based on individual body measurements can be successfully implemented with focused precision in body measurements and clothing dimensions.”


About Elis 
Elis is an international listed group of companies with a circular business model that provides over 400,000 customers with innovative textile and hygiene services. In total, the company employs 52,000 people in over 440 production sites and service centers in 29 countries. Elis works for public and private companies of all sizes. In Germany, Elis offers individual solutions for workwear, hospital ward, sterile and resident laundry, hotel and restaurant laundry, floor protection and cleanrooms.

About Sizekick
Sizekick is putting an end to unnecessary size-related returns in online fashion retail. The Munich-based company uses artificial intelligence and computer vision technology to recommend the right clothing size to customers in online partner stores. With the help of Sizekick’s integrated software and a smartphone, everyone can find the right size in just a few seconds. Fashion and sports brands, as well as multi-brand stores and marketplaces, can integrate the "Sizekick Button" in their online store with minimal effort. Sizekick offers its solution as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). With the Elis partnership, Sizekick's sizing AI is now being used for digital try-on for the first time in the workwear sector. 

About Hohenstein
Hohenstein has more than 75 years of experience in testing, certification and applied research. With roots in the textile sector, the Hohenstein testing spectrum now includes both softlines and hardlines. Around the globe, more than 1,000 employees work to improve the human-product-environment interaction with offerings such as testing for harmful substances, performance and fit. They develop science-based methods and standards that consider the user in real life, not just in the lab. Through standard or customized testing, and interpretation of the results, Hohenstein experts solve problems, verify claims and help partners bring better, safer products to market – more sustainably. Hohenstein is a founding member and leading provider of OEKO-TEX® services, and is certified by the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC ID #1058) as a third-party, independent laboratory for CPSIA compliance verification. Hohenstein.US

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Sizekick's AI-based technology, developed with Hohenstein, enables personalized size recommendations based on individual bodies. ©Sizekick
Casey Strauch
Marketing Manager
Hohenstein Americas