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Why Hohenstein?

Hohenstein is a reliable, globally recognized partner that supports you at every stage for technical reliability, validated quality and rapid product launches – wherever you need us.

We test for real-life situations, not just new and unused conditions.

  • Access experts who provide - and interpret - trusted test results
  • Reduce liability risk and gain credibility with documented, independent testing
  • Validate claims based on user-focused testing in relevant conditions
  • Optimize processes and improve product quality and safety through customized and standardized testing and certification
  • Benefit from the latest information via our active involvement in standardization committees and market research
  • Introduce products to market faster through coordination between the lab and the certification authority

Made to Measure - Always a Good Fit

Our testing is never just off the rack.

From standalone testing to checking entire processes, we tailor the depth and breadth of testing to your individual needs:

  • Align with target group expectations
  • Customize to product types and supplier quality
  • Fit your budget and risk tolerance
  • Leverage existing certifications

Detailed testing of key parameters according to applicable regulations. Safeguard product compliance and stay up to date, worldwide.

Quality Performance

Meet requirements.

Testing for requirements that go beyond laws to meet industry standards, NGO scrutiny or customer demands.

Claim Validation

Differentiate products.

Prove product claims with objective, independent proof.

Quality testing makes all the difference.

Our testing determines compliance with legal requirements, standards, international specifications and internal quality guidelines.

Textile Technology Testing

  • Quality testing (color fastness, fiber fineness, pilling)
  • Performance testing (such as breathability, water resistance, waterproofness, air permeability)

Customer & Industry Compliance


Determining the qualitative and quantitative attributes of yarns and fabrics to identify materials in accordance with textile labeling directives (using microscope, mechanical and chemical testing).

Testing Outside the Box

Hohenstein sets industry standards for textile innovation and offers a comprehensive range of product development services based on cutting-edge research.

Textile Care

Testing and certification of products and processes used in domestic and industrial textile laundering.


Fit, Pattern, Data, Digitization

Development and testing garment fit including 3D/4D scanning, 3D visualization and pattern-making.


Health Protection and Medical Devices

Testing and certification of health related issues, including hygiene, harmful substances and UV protection.

Sustainable Commitment

Practical solutions for responsible action along the textile chain, including research, testing and certification.

Neutral Assurance

Third-party inspections and audits at various stages of production to ensure consistent material and product quality.

Persuasive Selling Points

Quick identification for tested quality

The Hohenstein Quality Label

Credible, 3rd party claim support for products with tested high quality and performance properties


Consistent Results. Worldwide.

We guarantee consistently high standards across all our laboratories.
  • Standardized global results through systematic internal comparisons with the headquarters lab in Germany (round robin testing)
  • ISO 17025 accreditation for all testing laboratories
  • Experts in each lab to interpret and explain test results
  • Collaborative global and local teams at your service

Global Textile and Chemical Testing Labs


So is Hohenstein.
We work with any application where textiles interact with humans and the environment.
Ben Mead
Managing Director
Hohenstein Americas