Everyone is searching.

Whether just starting out or continuously improving, companies on every part of the sustainability path need suitable partners and products that enable systematic implementation and innovation. A reliable network that enables choices based on verified criteria is indispensable.

The OEKO-TEX® Buying Guide is a free tool that assists in sourcing chemicals, materials, accessories and finished goods as well as selecting trustworthy suppliers and manufacturers.

For companies that own an OEKO-TEX® certification or label, the Buying Guide creates an international platform to market those achievements.

OEKO-TEX® Buying Guide

Online platform for more sustainable sourcing

Matchmaking for more sustainability.

The online buying guide lists over 21,000 companies, throughout the textile & leather supply chains, with OEKO-TEX® labeled or certified products and services. Buyers and consumers narrow a search by geography, certification type, material, productions stage, applications and more.

OEKO-TEX® Buying Guide Benefits.

For Buyers

  • Free online access to >21,000 suppliers, ~ thousands of certified materials, accessories, products
  • Find certified finished goods, materials and chemicals or specify materials for suppliers
  • Using STeP certified facilities helps you meet environmental and social requirements

For Suppliers

  • Opportunity to showcase your OEKO-TEX® certified products and company on an international platform
  • Target searches for your own suppliers to reduce certification costs as part of the modular system


Checking certificate validity is important.

Sustainable products must also function.

Ben Mead
Managing Director
Hohenstein Institute America