Great Expectations. Stiff Competition.

Consumers have high expectations for features like comfort, freshness, color, washability and durability. You need to choose the best materials to deliver lasting performance. How do you develop products that stand out?

Create a safe haven.

As if ever changing trends and customer demands weren't enough, there are varying global legal regulations to navigate and the latest technologies to keep up with... all while maintaining safety for consumers, workers and the environment.

Better Products. Verified Claims.

We innovate for functional properties and performance capabilities while helping you verify quality, remove harmful substances, increase sustainability and communicate your efforts.

Build a strong foundation through partnership.

Take advantage of our 75+ years of research, cross functional expertise and international reputation.

Verify claims with the Hohenstein Quality Label.

WestPoint wanted to develop more comfortable bedding.

We are committed to knowledge transfer.

Get a high level overview of diverse topics from experts who have done the research.
Ben Mead
Managing Director
Hohenstein Institute America