Test Criteria

Tests are based on product specification.

Antibacterial textiles

  • Efficacy against sweat odor producing bacteria
    Based on the standard test method, DIN EN ISO 20743, the antibacterial activity is determined against the skin-specific microbes Staphylococcus and Corynebacterium after 18 hours of incubation.


Odor release and retention textiles

  • Release of sweat odor
    A special sweat odor simulate (artificial sweat) is applied on the sample. The sweat odor intensity is assessed by trained odor panellists according to VDI 3882.
  • Binding capacity for sweat odor molecules
    A radioactively labelled lead substance of odorous sweat on the fabric is quantified with scintillation measurement.


Products that optimize odor redution

  • Sweat odor field test
    Samples are worn by a group of test persons in an application-specific activity (e.g. sports, work). Sweat odor intensity is then evaluated by trained panellists using an olfactometric sampling device. The field test proves an anti-sweat-odor effect from the user’s point of view.



Ben Mead
Managing Director
Hohenstein Institute America