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What is a manufacturing restricted substance list?

Compared to a product-related RSL (Restricted Substance List), a Manufacturing Restricted Substance List (MRSL) compiles limited or banned chemicals that are used in the different production processes of textiles and leather articles.

Brands, retailers and manufacturers typically use MRSLs as a tool to regulate and ensure the safety of chemical formulations, thus protecting the environment from harmful substances that, for example, could end up in waste water, come into contact with workers or affect consumer health as residues in final products.

Differences Between RSL and MRSL

Why does RSL/MRSL testing matter?

Consumers are more conscious and concerned about product safety and environmental protection, especially since the textile and leather industries have some of the highest ecological impact.

Brands and retailers have to meet these challenges and credibly document their stewardship commitments. Manufacturers and suppliers need to ensure that their products are compliant with customer and legal requirements. Robust RSLs and MRSLs with standardized, independent verification are an important tool for both.

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