Perfect fit requires knowledge of body sizes and shapes.

Hohenstein has the expertise AND the technology.

We have been conducting anthropometric studies for 60 years - previously with a measuring tape, but since 1999 using 3D technology. With our 4D scanner,  real body measurements and shapes can be recorded - during relevant movements. This data is essential in developing reliable size tables for each target group.

We partner with manufacturers, brands and retailers on customized projects, including 3D visualization (avatars) of specific customer groups. We not only record the body data in 3D, we also help you to convert it into a perfect fit and consistent sizing.

Harness technology to improve the fit development process.

Shorter development times with digital prototyping.

  • 3D visualization of body shapes (custom avatars) for reliable fit and pattern
  • 3D models as the basis for construction, simulation and busts: bodies, hands, feet, heads

Size advice and customized size tables based on real data, target groups and wearer movements.

Information based on Hohenstein's database of 80,000+ scans, including:

  • Measurements of men, women and children
  • Masurements of special target groups such as men’s and women’s plus sizes or seniors
  • Full bodies, heads, hands, feet
  • 3D scans from SizeNorthAmerica (14,460) and SizeGERMANY (13,000) studies

3D visualiation software comes with un-realistic default avatars.

Custom avatars are essential to a realistic fit and improved product development.

  • 3D simulation of fit
  • Testing shaping effects based on 3D/4D body scans
  • Body movement measurements for fit in motion
  • Customized 3D body, head, foot and hand models
  • 3D testing and optimization of ergonomic comfort
  • Series measurements and measurement studies
  • Optimization and development of customized size tables
  • Size concepts for made-to-measure clothing, online shopping and textile rental
  • Special projects, such as the impact check of sports bras: testing of the support function of sports bras in motion

While fit testing on human subjects is still indispensable, 3D and 4D technologies are valuable for an optimized product development process:

Meet the experts.

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Anke Klepser

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Ben Mead
Managing Director
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