Market research shows sustainability is an increasingly competitive factor.

Customers demand independent and globally consistent proof.

You deserve a strong partner.

Hohenstein is an internationally recognized expert who helps you through the process of implementing, benchmarking and improving your initiatives.

Sustainable manufacturing.

Every company can implement basic requirements for ecological production that also impact the bottom line.

  • Compliance with limit values (wastewater, emissions, waste, etc.)
  • Use of current production technologies
  • Efficient use of resources
  • Reduction of CO2 footprint
  • Systematic environmental protection
Chemical Management

Ensure the chemicals you use meet requirements for sustainable textile production and safe textile products.

Be safe
Wastewater Analysis

Reduce environmental impact and comply with industry standards (ZDHC, OEKO-TEX®, etc.) by thoroughly testing wastewater from textile production.

Know your impact

Use controlled soil burial test to test the extent to which your textiles and textile products are biodegradable.

verify claims
GMO Testing of Cotton

Ensure that organic cotton has not been genetically modified.

Quantify GMOs
Ben Mead
Managing Director
Hohenstein Institute America