Textile care expertise.

Proper textile care is crucial for long-term attractiveness, functionality and service life. Use Hohenstein's research and systems to ensure clean products and efficient, compliant service.

Product Development

We test textiles, clothing and personal protective equipment that will be serviced by industrial laundries to verify suitability for rental.

Industrial Laundries

Our advice is based on our research into optimizing operating processes, ecological testing (eg. waste water investigations) and effiicient hygiene management.

Household Laundry

Hohenstein helps raw material and detergent manufacturers, retailers, and consumer organizations to check the performance of cleaning agents through customized comparative tests that focus on consumer- and practice-relevant test methods using naturally soiled domestic linen to support product claims.

Industrial Laundries

Quality assurance in industrial laundries.

Domestic Textile Care

Comparative product tests for efficient and gentle domestic textile care.

Leasing Suitability

Neutral evaluation of textiles and clothing for leasing.


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Ben Mead
Managing Director
Hohenstein Institute America