Testing detergent, cleaning products and appliances for the home.

Efficient and gentle care are key to ensuring that textiles keep their appearance and functionality for a long service life. During comparative tests, we investigate diverse factors affecting the performance of detergent and cleaning products.

Customized testing plans focus on consumer- and practice-relevant test methods using naturally soiled domestic linen to support product claims. 

We assess the stain removal performance and different aspects of secondary detergency (e.g. material protection and pill formation) in accordance with European testing programs (EU Ecolabel, A.I.S.E. test protocol).

We also examine washing and drying programs, appliances, modifications to appliances and care additives in detergents and fabric conditioners.

Comparative Product Tests:

  • Softness, through absolute and relative assessment

  • Drying capability/absorption capacity

  • Retention of color tone and surface protection

  • Legibility and clarity of packing information


  • Neutral and objective performance comparison

  • Confirmation of special claims

  • Support in the selection of offers

  • Quality control


  • Fabric conditioners

  • Conditioners

  • Dryer sheets

Comparative Product Tests:

  • Stain removal of natural stains
  • Dirt removal from test fabrics
  • Cleaning effect/dirt dispersing capability
  • Loss of firmness/chemical damage
  • Inorganic/organic fabric encrustation
  • Retention of color tone/surface protection
  • Prevention of color transfer in Linitest device or washing machine
  • Legibility and clarity of packing information


  • Neutral, objective performance comparison
  • Consumer-relevant investigations
  • Confirmation of special claims
  • Support for supplier selection
  • Quality control


  • Heavy-duty, color and mild wash detergents
  • Descaling products
  • Booster products (e.g. stain removal salts, pre-treatment products)
  • Color or dirt catcher sheets

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Ben Mead
Managing Director
Hohenstein Institute America