Workwear must work for you, not against.

Be it for safety, hygiene, special functions or consistent company image: workwear must always be durable and comfortable, while ensuring ...

Acceptance is key.

Without the wearer's willingness and ability to use the workwear, it cannot fulfill its purpose. It must be comfortable, properly fitting and not get in the way.

Fast markets require rapid responses.

Shorter product cycles require speed. Flexibility, reliability and short processing times are our maxim. Thanks to optimized processes, we can usually deliver the test results within ten working days.

Your goals, our benchmark.

Individual problems require customer-focused solutions. In addition to a variety of standardized and internationally recognized test methods, we adjust the test scenarios to suit your requirements.

Hohenstein is dedicated to innovation and sustainability.

See what makes us so successful - and how you can benefit.

We are committed to knowledge transfer.

Get a high level overview of diverse topics from experts who have done the research.

Ben Mead
Managing Director
Hohenstein Institute America