Textiles must meet many requirements before they get to market.

Whether international standards, legal regulations or customer specifications, brands, retailers and suppliers need effective ways to manage their efforts and protect their reputations.

The range of textiles on the market is constantly growing.

Consumers and buyers use independent, 3rd-party verified labels and certificates as proof that product claims are true.

We set standards for tested quality.

We set industry standards through active research and leadership of industry committees and hold notified body accreditations and approvals (such as CPSC, PPE, RAL, DIN, ISO). Hohenstein certificate holders draw on over seven decades of experience and reputation for excellence to reassure customers with reliable, 3rd party certification of products and processes.

Hohenstein is a founding member of several associations that offer practical solutions for product stewardship. The Hohenstein Quality Label, the OEKO-TEX® system® and UV STANDARD 801 help companies ensure quality and communicate their efforts.

Certification and Labeling.
Hohenstein has a reputation for integrity and a focus on testing for real-use situations.

We are committed to knowledge transfer.

Get a high level overview of diverse topics from experts who have done the research.

Ben Mead
Managing Director
Hohenstein Institute America