Marketability in line with customer requirements

One risk for consumers regarding products is that they are not marketable in Germany under the Ordinance on articles for Domestic Use (BedGestV). The fact that the textiles which you have manufactured or distributed are not marketable may develop into a problem in terms of possible sales shortfalls or claims for compensation.

With our tests, in particular in the area of chemical and physical material properties we help you to reliably identify this type of problem in your own production, as well as with preliminary suppliers.

In particular this is the case if samples of the textile products are taken on request by our independent inspectors before or at the very start of series production.

In the worst case, this identifies problems in terms of the marketability of products, for example if further commercialisation is impossible due to the use of banned azo dyestuffs or excessive heavy metal content.

Even in these cases, good advice need not be expensive. With our consulting service, we will help you to rectify problems in the production process and thus to ensure that further production batches are marketable.

We also provide support when it comes to professionally reworking products contaminated with harmful substances, for example, thus making these suitable for sale.