Test methods and programmes

The Hohenstein skin model and the thermally segmented manikin, “Charlie” used to determine thermophysiological data or the HOSY measuring device to evaluate compression products are just three examples from the large number of test methods, devices and programmes which have been developed at the Hohenstein Institute since 1946 .

On the basis of current research results , test methods from other scientific disciplines and our wealth of experience in the field of testing and evaluating (textile) products these are subject to constant further development by our specialists. However, completely new methods are also developed in the context of publicly funded research projects or contract research.

In our work, we take account of the fact that textile materials are being used in a variety of new areas of life and that their properties therefore need to be regarded and evaluated from a different perspective. Moreover, we have developed over recent years from a pure research institute into a multi-facetted think-tank for a wide variety of industries, ranging from the automotive industry to construction , cosmetics and medicine . The range of products which we test, evaluate and, if necessary, optimise is now therefore correspondingly broad.