Publicly funded research

The Hohenstein Institute's interdisciplinary project teams are involved in a wide range of publicly funded research projects.

The main focus of our research projects is to open up new fields of applications for textiles and to develop innovative new product concepts. As an applied research institute, our approach is extremely practical, in other words companies experience immediate benefits from our work, as they are able to exploit additional market opportunities for themselves based on the research results and the innovations derived from these.

Small and medium-sized companies (SMEs), in particular, who do not have their own research and development departments (R&D) are able to benefit from the results of our research and the public funding available, for example, from the " Central Innovation Programme for SMEs (ZIM)" .

We will be glad to help you when it comes to finding out how you, as a medium-sized company in particular, can benefit from public research funding. The same applies to the marketing of new products or ideas for applications that may arise from a project.

Contact person

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