Colour measurement

Today, colour consistency is an important aspect of quality assurance in a variety of industries. This applies to plastics, paper and painted surfaces as well as textile products.

For colorimetric analyses and colour measurements, we have a state-of-the-art spectrophotometer at our laboratories. We use this to determine colorimetric measures and colour differences for you using various illuminating and viewing conditions. We can also use this to determine the whiteness value of fluorescent white samples for you.

The relevant associated standards include DIN 5033, DIN 6174, DIN EN ISO 105-J03, DIN EN ISO 20471, DIN EN 1150 and DIN 58124.

We can also train your employees in visual colour analysis and exclude any colour perception problems in line with DIN EN ISO 3668 using the Farnsworth Munsell Hue 100-Test.