Fit and workmanship

Fit is a key quality feature for clothing, and accordingly is often cause for complaint.

Since 1957, the Hohenstein Institute has been carrying out regular size surveys on the German population. Most recently, in 2008/2009 over 10,000 women, men and children were measured contact-free using a 3-D bodyscanner as part of the German size survey SizeGERMANY.

Over recent years, studies have been carried out increasingly into the body measurements of specific target groups, for example women over 60 or women with full figures. The data collated serves as the basis for drawing up size charts for the manufacture of ready-made clothing.

When checking the fit, our specialist clothing technicians compare the measurements of all types of clothing with the specifications of the Hohenstein size charts. To complement this, garments are then assessed on the human body, i.e. on individuals whose body measurements correspond optimally to the specifications for the standard size in question in terms of all relevant length and width measurements (height, arm and leg length, chest, waist, hips etc.).

With our expertise, we are also happy to assist you in drawing up technical terms of purchase and delivery which serve as specifications for the procurement of your workwear, for example, corresponding exactly to your individual requirements.

Tests for fit are often combined with the assessment of the Processing quality and this is documented on the product using a corresponding Hohenstein Quality Label .