Quality properties

Quality requirements for textile products can vary considerably depending on the intended field of application.

For clothing, fit, processing, wear comfort, the exclusion of harmful substances and general performance are naturally key. There are also other functional aspects such as the UV-protection factor, the efficiency and safety of finishes (antimicrobial, stain-resistant) or product properties based on nanotechnology.

In addition to clothing, we also test the quality of all types of textiles at our laboratories. This includes the physiological comfort of sleeping bags and bedding, the compression effect of stockings and bandages, the resistance to dust mites of encasings or the effectiveness of insect protection systems of a chemical and physical nature. For this, on request we compare the properties of the products when new with those following a defined number of care treatments in order to simulate natural ageing.

Another quality aspect is the performance and gentle treatment provided by detergents and domestic appliances (washing machines, driers). We carry out these comparative tests on behalf of both manufacturers and consumer organisations.

The neutral and independent testing of a wide range of quality aspects can be effectively documented for subsequent stages of production, but above all for retailers and consumers, by means of certificates, test reports and the Hohenstein Quality Label . These also form an important part of quality management within the textile manufacturing chain and help avoid complaints.