Depending on the specific field of application, the care of textiles under standard domestic conditions or in commercial laundries represents an important quality factor.

Depending on your individual requirements, we can test and assess the stresses and strains as a result of domestic care treatments (domestic washing machines and driers) compared to when new, e.g. in terms of damage.

Manufacturers and textile service providers benefit from our expertise in the area of reprocessing textiles under industrial conditions, which incorporates the knowledge acquired when developing products for our clients. Using our prediction models, it is possible to calculate the life span of leasing textiles, for example, whether for corporate fashion, workwear or Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) .

In addition, we test and assess innovative technologies in the field of domestic laundry care and commercial laundry services, and identify these using the Hohenstein Quality Label .

Our specialists are also available for troubleshooting and consulting in commercial laundries.

In addition to professional textile services, we also test the impact of washing under domestic washing conditions.