Suitability for use

In order to be able to ensure the performance of a product, accurate knowledge of its specific properties and the conditions under which it is used are required.

Here, too, you can rely on our long-standing experience, which we use to develop an optimal, efficient test programme for you.

We cover all performance properties such as conformity with finished measure tables (fit), tests on the material specifications (construction data), processing quality, determining the UV-protection factor, abrasion resistance, pilling behaviour or specific strengths.

On request, we can carry out these tests for you to complement the checks on the Marketability of your products and compliance with normative guidelines ( harmful substances , flammability, Cords standard, textile labelling).

We test and draw up technical terms of purchase and delivery corresponding to your specific requirements.

In the area of medical and cosmetic textiles, we offer tests on the Effectiveness and safety e.g. of anti-microbial and insecticidal finishes (physical and chemical).