Medicine & health

The requirements for textiles which are intended to be used in the health care sector or for the treatment of diseases are extremely stringent.

In addition to the hygiene aspects, neutral evidence of their efficiency is required so that the products can be authorised as a medical product, for example, or included in the health insurance schemes' Medical Aids Directory.

This applies for example to medical compression products which are used for the treatment of veno-lymphatic diseases (varicose veins, chronic venous insufficiency, ulcus cruris). We test these to the specifications of DIN 58133, RAL Quality Certification Mark 387/1 (RAL-GZ 387/1) (medical compression hosiery) and RAL-GZ 387/2 (medical compression arm sleeves).

The tests can be used for all other types of compression textiles, for example to enhance performance in sport or to avoid deep-vein thrombosis associated with travel or flying. The compression effect, combined with the physiological properties can, if desired, be documented on the product by means of the Hohenstein Quality label.

The Hohenstein Institute is a test laboratory accredited by the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS) for medical products.

Important information contact:
Florian Girmond: Compression
Dr. Hammer: Hygiene, Environment, Medicine