Suitability for leasing

The leasing of textiles has gained importance in a number of industries over recent years. Requirements for textile products such as workwear, protective clothing (PPE) business wear or flat linen (table linen, bedding) are stringent.

This is particularly true with respect to suitability for care or reprocessing in industrial laundries. At the same time, for economic reasons, textiles used for leasing should be able to be used for as long as possible without significant deterioration in terms of appearance or function.

The Hohenstein Quality standard 701ff defines all relevant aspects relating to suitability for leasing or rental for textiles for different fields of application, for example in hospitals, retirement homes, food processing companies, hotels and businesses.

In terms of procuring leasing textiles, we can offer neutral assessment, so guaranteeing the level of security you require in terms of the optimal product life span. In addition to visual aspects, we pay particular attention to functional aspects, e.g. with respect to product liability for high-visibility warning clothing in accordance with EN 471.