Wash, Care, Clean at domestic household

Comparative product tests create market transparency and are of equal benefit to consumers, retailers and manufacturers. The basis is the comparative testing of products or processes. This may involve successor products from the same manufacturer or test specimens from different manufacturers for benchmarking.

Since the 1950s, the Hohenstein Institute has been carrying out comparative product tests on behalf of producers, retailers and consumer organisations.

When comparing hand detergents, detergents, textile care products, washing machines and driers (white goods) and other domestic appliances we use a unique system which provides particularly practical, reliable results.We also carry out standardised tests on detergents (EU Eco-Label A.I.S.E.) which assesses the gentleness of the wash, colour preservation and material preservation, amongst other aspects.

We have also developed test scenarios over the past decades relating to consumer products such as nappies, umbrellas, tents, tissues, etc. which realistically simulate conditions of use. We will be happy to let you benefit from our wealth of experience or to develop a new, individual test plan for you.