A worthwhile investment

With "Made by Hohenstein" fit testing, you start saving time and money even while you are still designing a new collection: From prototypes, we assess the fit and give you detailed suggestions about how it could be improved. You receive the corrections within a few working days, so that they can feed directly into the product development process. This means you avoid expensive, time-consuming changes during the production phase. With our help, you can reduce the number of complaints based on fitting problems by half. As well as the immediate financial benefits, this means above all one thing for you: more satisfied retailing partners and customers!

With the data we provide, you can adapt the fit of your whole range to suit your target group for the long term. Once your customers have found the right size for them, they can choose clothes almost unseen. The fit is guaranteed, and so too is their loyalty to your brand. This means that our fit testing is a worthwhile investment for your company in many different ways and one that will very soon pay for itself.