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Safety for children

For parents, safety is one of the top priorities, along with quality and play value, when it comes to buying a toy for children and feeling confident that they can be left to play with it. After all, carefree playing is what all children want to do.

Toy testing "Made by Hohenstein"

The Hohenstein Institute tests toys to the highest standards. To ensure that there is no risk to the children playing with them. Whether it is teddy bears, toy cars or building blocks – our experts carry out independent and objectives tests on toys for compliance with various different standards, such as EN 71 – Safety of Toys.

Depending on what is required, we can carry out the full range of tests or just test a toy against specific parameters. This means we can offer you independent verification of the safety and quality of your product, and also help you with product improvement.

Perfectly placed in the market

"Made by Hohenstein" toy testing makes sure that your products comply with the necessary standards and quality norms. As a result, you are ideally placed to ensure your product on the market. Furthermore, you provide retailers and consumers with important assistance in recognising high-quality and safe toys.

By having your toys tested, you create confidence and meet consumers’ demand for safe and high-quality toys. At once you prevent product recalls and emerge strengthened from the "stress test" for your toy. A bonus point for your image and standing in the market.

Services provided worldwide in the interests of safe play

Thanks to the Hohenstein Institute's global representation, you can benefit from our services wherever you are in the world. With our decades of experience in testing, checking and certifying products, we can give you comprehensive and competent advice - all in the interests of safe play. Thereby, we trust in international, European and national test methods and generally accepted test procedures in our accredited laboratories.

Play with us! With toy testing "Made by Hohenstein", you hold the key to success in your hand

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