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BÖNNIGHEIM, GERMANY (Oct. 15, 2019) – In October 2019, testing partner and research institute Hohenstein released new quality labels for tested workwear and uniforms.

The Hohenstein Quality Label is issued for products that have been rigorously tested and meet defined minimum requirements. Testing criteria are based on decades of scientific research and considers practical, real-use situations. All testing is conducted in Hohenstein's accredited testing labs.

The Tested Workwear and Tested Uniforms labels highlight the product safety, quality and durability of workwear. Qualifications are based on demands specific to modern workwear and offer independent proof of quality. Both labels can be tailored to validate claims for individual workwear and uniform requirements including tested fit, breathability, UV protection and suitability for leasing.

Garments earning the Quality Labels are required to undergo testing for harmful substances according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. This allows manufacturers, brands and retailers to communicate their commitment to safer and more effective workwear.

For more information visit www.Hohenstein.US/QualityLabel.


About Hohenstein

With more than 40 offices and laboratories worldwide, Hohenstein is an international testing partner in the textile industry. Hohenstein’s research centers around the interaction between textiles, humans and the environment. It is a founding member and leading provider of the OEKO-TEX® portfolio of services such as the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certification, the international standard for safe textiles, and is certified by the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission as a third-party, independent laboratory for CPSIA compliance verification. Hohenstein.US

Press Images

Product label with Hohenstein logo, check mark, and "Tested Workwear"
The Hohenstein Quality Label Tested Workwear is particularly suitable for workwear for workshops, the construction trade and all types of outdoor work, as well as workwear for the nursing profession, the kitchen sector and any indoor work. ©Hohenstein
Product label with Hohenstein logo, check mark, and "Tested Uniforms"
The Hohenstein Quality Label Tested Uniforms is particularly suitable for individual collections in the area of corporate fashion, such as polo shirts, shirts, blouses and business clothing. This can include suits, blazers, trousers or skirts. ©Hohenstein
Man in machine shop wearing workwear
The Hohenstein Quality Labels Tested Workwear and Corporate Fashion are used to label workwear with particularly high demands on product safety and quality. In addition to the intention to protect the wearer from chemical residues in the product, comprehensive quality checks are performed on the product to guarantee long-term durability. ©Hohenstein
Hohenstein in all capital letters with blue dot
Hohenstein logo. ©Hohenstein
Casey Strauch
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