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BOENNIGHEIM, Germany (January 15, 2024) – With the publication of its sustainability report for 2023, testing provider Hohenstein is providing greater transparency. The report details sustainability efforts at its Boennigheim headquarters and targets for 2024. Hohenstein has replaced previous environmental guidelines with strategic development in accordance with Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) and adopted a sustainability roadmap for the future.

Example highlights in the report include:
-    Environmental: Overall, energy consumption was actively reduced, and renewable energy use promoted. Hohenstein also collected rail and air travel data to be used for CO2 accounting in 2024.
-    Social: Hohenstein actively involved its employees in sustainability activities based on a survey and internal education. Further measures, for example yoga sessions and health care training, complement the goals. In future, Hohenstein will improve the ratio of female managers and implement an employee training campaign on company values.
-    Governance: Hohenstein management has prioritized good communication through regular colloquia for employees and access to human resources consultation. They intend to intensify the dialogue with employees through further events.

Hohenstein has been implementing environmental and social measures for decades. For its first neutral assessment of these measures in 2019, Hohenstein participated in the ECOfit Programme in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. A regular external assessment is to be introduced in 2024.

In 2022, the company hired a Manager for Sustainable Development to oversee Hohenstein's own sustainability implementation and advise customers on theirs. "At Hohenstein, there is so much potential for resource-conserving and environmentally conscious work - and this is already very much a reality. Our goal is to maintain this high level and further optimize wherever possible. I am confident that we will achieve a lot in the coming years and influence results we can be proud of," emphasizes Marie Oldopp, Manager for Sustainable Development at Hohenstein.

CEO Dr Stefan Droste also prioritizes further development of sustainability at Hohenstein: "Our commitment in this area is not only a responsibility to future generations, but also the solid foundation and prerequisite for our own global activities. We will continue to expand and refine our sustainability strategies to ensure that our practices meet internal requirements and external standards and expectations."

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About Hohenstein
Hohenstein has more than 75 years of experience in testing, certification and applied research. With roots in the textile sector, the Hohenstein testing spectrum now includes both softlines and hardlines. Around the globe, more than 1,000 employees work to improve the human-product-environment interaction with offerings such as testing for harmful substances, performance and fit. They develop science-based methods and standards that consider the user in real life, not just in the lab. Through standard or customized testing, and interpretation of the results, Hohenstein experts solve problems, verify claims and help partners bring better, safer products to market – more sustainably. Hohenstein is a founding member and leading provider of OEKO-TEX® services, and is certified by the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission as a third-party, independent laboratory for CPSIA compliance verification. Hohenstein.US

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Hohenstein has been prioritizing sustainability for decades. To transparently demonstrate these efforts, the company will take several further actions. ©Hohenstein
Marie Oldopp has been Manager for Sustainable Development at Hohenstein since 2022. ©Hohenstein
Hohenstein publishes its 2023 sustainability report. ©Hohenstein
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